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Vhasanchor reality vs International Media’s Responsibilities

প্রকাশের সময়: জানুয়ারি ১১, ২০২১, ৭:১৭ অপরাহ্ণ

Several Indian media outlets spread propaganda about Bhasanchar. Indian media Anandabazar Patrika and Zee24 News have recently spread baseless and fabricated information about the second phase of Rohingya relocation to Bhasanchar. Following that Qatar based International media Al Jazeera broadcasted negative news about Bhsanchar.

The reports claimed , “Bhasanchar did not exist even 20 years ago. After that, it was gradually formed by siltation and this is a disaster prone isolated island. Besides, many Rohingyas are not willing to go to Bhasanchar. They are being forcibly sent there.

But the reality is………
The largest wave of rohingya to flee Myanmar happened in August 2017 and they took shelter in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

And after this three years period, the relocation has become imperative to decongest the overcrowded camps in Cox’s Bazar that have temporarily been accommodating nearly a million of Rohingyas with many more thousands born each year.

In case of disaster risk…
It must be said that there is no basis for what is being said about the disaster propensity of Bhasanchar because there are two islands with Bhasanchar named Sandeep and Hatia where Bangladeshi People have been living for decades without any disaster risk.

Super Cyclone Amphan proved the strength of the structures of Bhasan Char.Despite the heightened tidal wave, all the 1,440 houses and 120 shelter stations in the island remained unharmed, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Chittagong Navy Base commander rear admiral Muzammal avy said, Bangladesh government has taken up this project 3 years back. Before taking up this project in vasanchor detail study has been carried out by international firm. No where in the world any government has created such kind of project. So this is something that
Bangladesh is proud and we believe that Myanmar government will soon take them back to their home country and until that they are in safe hand in vhasanchor he added.

On the other hand about this issue European Rohingya Council Chair Dr. Ambia Perveen said that, “Bangladesh and its government is being our long life friend who was always there for us, they given us shelter and other human charity aid. They want to solve the rohingya crisis but on the other hand they have done right now with the relocation.’’

“ They have been talking about this since 2018 it’s not a new. due to the international pressure and plea from to the rohingya itself government they have taken this step which has hurt us suddenly and also it’s a tragedy but other hand this can be understand that Bangladesh government and its public that you know it’s sign to the international community the frustration.’’

“Bangladesh have been almost like after the three years there is no mouth pressure to the Myanmar government and they are also not seen sincerity from the government of Myanmar to be repatriate this people so Bangladesh government has no other choice because itself being smallest country and poorest country of the world how can they take care of this 1.1 Million rohingya people.’’

On the other side for the last 3 years from now no single repatriation with the full demand of we are requesting. So Bangladesh has to take that action. We have spoken with the we are see the European rohingya council has frequent contact specially after the relocation we have talked to the people from the vascanchar island and the coxbazar camp they are not pressure to go to vhasanchor.’’

Incase of forceful repatiation, the reality is…..
The 30-year-old Rohingya man along with his wife, three daughters and a son reached Bhasan Char in the afternoon.

“Nobody forced us to come here. I came here voluntarily. Everybody will be willing to come here once they see the facilities,” he said.

There are 14 local NGO started their work on vhasanchor full phase. It is better to say that international NGOs initially objected to Bhasanchar, but after visiting on the spot they are now positive. They said that they will start work in Bhasanchar soon.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has said that they are monitoring the Rohingyas relocation in Bhasanchar and others international organizations are gradually becoming more flexible about Rohingya relocating in Bhasanchar. On this repetation other international right body also positive.

Although Myanmar is responsible for solving this problem, but Some International community Repeatedly pointing towards Bangladesh to settlement the issue. Analysts think this purpose is a motivated propaganda. They are not working for the repatriation of Rohingyas but are criticizing Bangladesh which is not desirable at all. They should report in a way which will bring besting peace for the crisis.

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