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Bhasanchar for the Safety of life and dignity

প্রকাশের সময়: অক্টোবর ৭, ২০২০, ২:৫৬ অপরাহ্ণ

Thousands of Rohingya refugees are spending their days in various uncertainties at the Ukhia-Teknaf camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

The air in the camps has become heavy with the inexpressive cries of Rohingya mothers.Unknown fears are constantly haunting them.

Rokeya Begum, a Rohingya mother who fled from Rakhine State in Myanmar.

She said, “ I have lost my husband in Myanmar and for save my life moved to Bangladesh. My boys and girls have grown up and my worries increase for them day by day.

Murders and fighting scenes are often seen among the Rohingya Refugees. The camps are located on the slopes of the mountains, Rohingya robbers take them and demand ransom, if ordinary Rohingyas do not pay ransom they were put to death.

Even members of the Rohingya terrorists group attacked in the camp, beat and looted other Rohingya aid supplies.

Rokeya Begum doesn’t really sleep at night concerning of her girls because the members of the Rohingya terrorists group forces commit rape in this camp.’’

There are many more mothers like Rokeya Begum who are spending their days with worrying and anxious about the future of their children’s. No one knows the way where will go and how the problems will be solved.

For the hope of a better life hundreds of Rohingya women have already registered to go from Cox’s Bazar to Bhasanchar.

Bhasanchar is the best option to live well with their children according to their thoughts.

Miriam Khatun is now living Leda refugee camp in Ukhia, Cox’s Bazar. She has registered to go to Bhasanchar.

She said, “Our lives are almost over, now we have to think about our children. I have to know that there are many facilities in Bhasanchar.

If we will go there, our children will get education, big houses and job opportunities. That’s why I decided to leave cox’s bazar with everyone.

Another Rohingya, Mohammad Syed Amin said, “ There were large ponds in Bhasanchar. I can cultivate fish there. Besides, I have to know that there is an opportunity to cultivate plow.

Moreover, the houses in Cox’s Bazar are very small there is a problem of eight member’s family living in a huddle.

I saw in the video, the houses in Bhasanchar are very big, if we go there, we will not have any problem sleeping so we are going there voluntarily.’’

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