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What does the international community want?

প্রকাশের সময়: আগস্ট ২৭, ২০২০, ৩:৩৪ অপরাহ্ণ

Victims of horrific torture The Rohinga fled from Myanmar’s Rakhine state and took Shelter in Bangladesh. But three years later the situation has not changed. World leaders have spoken out against Myanmar’s military crackdown since the Rohingas descended to Bangladesh.

They called on Myanmar to take back the Rohinga to Rakhine and ensure their civil rights, but despite various talks and diplomatic efforts Myanmar did not back down. So far, not a single Rohinga has been rehabilitated in Rakhine. It is also learnt that they have started investing heavily in the evicted land of Rohingas in Rakhine, showing the thumbs up to the international community.

Meanwhile, the international community was seen trying to encircle Bangladesh with various admonitions, prohibitions and conditions, even though they could not bring Myanmar to any compromise.

There is no shortage of interest in how the Rohinga will be rehabilitated and accommodated in Bangladesh. Often their behavior is such that the responsibility for rehabilitating the Rohinga lies entirely with Bangladesh. There is a lot of disagreement about this.

Several Western countries, including Britain, have called on Bangladesh to rescue the Rohinga after reports of a trawler floating in the sea surfaced in the international media a few months ago.

Annoyed by this, the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh replied that such a call should be made to Myanmar. But instead they are calling on Bangladesh. If they had such compassion the Royal British Navy ships would have picked them up.

Hither wards, the government’s initiative to rehabilitate the Rohinga in Bachanchar has not been possible due to the objections of foreigners.

It is learned that as there is a Rohinga camp in Cox’s Bazar, the people of the donor organization can use the Cox’s Bazar airport to come and go as they please, stay in good hotels. But they are objecting that there is no such facility in the Bachanchar. Bangladesh is also upset about this.

According to experts, investments in the name of international aid are encouraging Rohinga to stay in this country rather than return to Rakhine.

Although there is no security of life in Rakhine but Cox’s Bazar provides them with quality food, clothing, medical care and accommodation. In this situation Rohingas are not even thinking leaving Bangladesh and returning to Rakhine.

According to experts, it is possible to rehabilitate Rohingas in Myanmar in the sense that foreign agencies are spending money to keep them in Bangladesh, but foreign agencies are not headache ‍about this.

An analysis of the activities of the last three years shows that, the international community is more interested in prolonging and assimilating the Rohinga in Bangladesh than in sending them back to Myanmar.

The silence of the international community on Myanmar and their constant attempts to stabilize the Rohinga in Cox’s Bazar instead of Rakhine are therefore leading analysts to doubt and wonder what does the international community want?

However, Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh Masood bin Momen recently ruled out the possibility of Rohingas being assimilated into this country, saying that one lakh Rohingas would soon be relocated to Bachanchar and the government would start talks to rehabilitate five lakh Rohingas in different countries.

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