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If there is so much sympathy, take the Rohinga

প্রকাশের সময়: মে ২৪, ২০২০, ১২:৪১ অপরাহ্ণ

Despite the limited resources, Bangladesh has given shelter to more than 11 lakh Rohinga. Even often unwittingly advise come from various countries to take shelter the Rohingas who floating in the sea.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister A K Abdul Momen has criticized the influential countries’ stance on the Rohingya crisis. “If there is so much sympathy, the countries of Europe and America can go and take these refugees,” he said.

The foreign minister made the call in a video message on May 22 (Friday), referring to recent talks with ambassadors of European Union countries.

He said, “I told them, the annual income of the people of our country is 2 thousand dollars and yours is 56 thousand dollars. And I have 1,200 people here per square kilometer. And in your country there are 15 people per square kilometer.

Then why don’t you take the Rohinga? You take them and give them a better life, we will not stop anyone and we have not any objections. He said, referring to Human Rights Watch. “California is a land of immigrants, Take them there.”

Although the Myanmar government signed an agreement with Bangladesh to take back the Rohinga under international pressure, the repatriation has not started even today. But they do not want to increase the pressure on Myanmar, but want to give the responsibility to Bangladesh.

Rohinga often travel to different countries at the risk of their lives by sea. Different countries called on Bangladesh to give them shelter. But no other country has been called upon to do so.

In this regard, the Foreign Minister said, when Rohingas get in trouble in the waters of any country, everyone just looks at Bangladesh. The idea is that since we have given shelter to 11 lakhs, it is also our responsibility to give shelter to the rest.


“Rohingya is not our only problem, it is the problem of the world,” he said. So everyone has to take the responsibility of Rohingas.


Meanwhile, the international community has shown strong objection to the return of Rohingas to Bhasanchar. Criticizing this, the foreign minister said that the donor agencies were thinking more about their ‘opportunities’ in relocating the Rohingas to Bhasanchar.


He said, “Their objection is that Bhasanchar is a little far away. They can’t go easily. There is a five star hotel in Cox’s Bazar. They come to work at 3 o’clock and sleep; they can hang out all night. They ‍do not face lack of money. Why don’t they launch boat service in Bhasanchar?


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