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Asif Nazrul’s amazing analysis on Bangabandhu

প্রকাশের সময়: নভেম্বর ৩০, ২০১৯, ৯:৩৬ অপরাহ্ণ

Reading the autobiographical book autobiography of Bangabandhu, there is no way for people to go beyond astonished and unthinkable occasion.

Such a great leader was born in Bangladesh. We never realized before the book was published. He was such a great leader I Knowing that my first intension to collected that book for next generation.

I read a lot books about politics. The auto-biography of Bangabandhu is far more remarkable than any book of those who wrote about Bangabandhu.

Literature values, neutrality, Objectives, storytelling skills are all Appraisable. I thank Sheikh Hasina after reading this book because she presented an extraordinary activities on Bangabandhu.

I am major critics of government and Sheikh Hasina but I praised Sheikh Hasina for autobiography of Bangabandhu.

As I read the book, I tried to understand thoroughly whether there was anything distorted. But the book published with undistorted.

There is a good word about Bangabandhu’s autobiography about those who have done politics against Bangabandhu and even the killer of Bangabandhu, Khandaker Mostak. No subject was distorted.

The way Bangabandhu describes the book; it is not possible for anyone else to give a detailed description of himself without writing his own facts.

Not just to know history. This book should be read by everyone for a few reasons. First, by reading this book you can understand how much of a leader was born on the soil of this country.

Secondly, it is easy to realize how big democratic leader Bangabandhu was.

Thirdly, for the politicians of today, this book pages contains examples of self-views and directions.

For establishing democracy in Bangla He was continuously imprisoned for 26 months. Then Sheikh Kamal and Sheikh Hasina were a few years old.

That time such a dedicated and loving man Sheikh Mujibur Rohman was not treated properly by the JSD, anti-independence and international conspirators.

Dr. Asif Nozrul Recently attended private tv channel Bangla Vision’s frontline program and There he delivered such an amazing analysis.

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