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Australia’s inhumanity to the disabled !

'One Fails All Fail'
Australia’s inhumanity to the disabled !

প্রকাশের সময়: নভেম্বর ৬, ২০১৯, ২:৩৪ অপরাহ্ণ

Australia has repeatedly been criticized for its strict policy on immigrants. The international media has long criticized Australian policy of keeping refugees and asylum seekers in detention centers.

Australia’s immigration and health policies have been criticized for being unfairly treated by a Bangladeshi immigrant family. Human rights activists said that, Australian authorities are treating Bangladeshi migrant families as cruel, inhuman and shameful.

Adiyan Bin Hassan, a five-year-old Bangladeshi native, suffered a minor stroke in his brain before or after birth. From then his left hand experienced Minor some problem. His parents have applied to the country’s immigration department for permanent residence. However, their residency application was rejected due to their child’s hand minor problem.

Now Adiyan can speak fluently Bangla. Also Can play and run. Adiyan is going to kindergarten school regularly, learning everything, watching videos of children at home and using mobile phones. He is smiling, playful and curious.

Australian child specialists said that, Adiyan’s disability is not a serious problem, continue light physiotherapy can be cured at one time.

Adiyan’s father, Mehdi Hasan Bhuiyan, graduated from South Korea with a Bangladeshi degree. In 2016 he has completed his PhD Degree in engineering from Deakin University, Australia. He was granted permanent visas by the state government of Victoria as a skilled immigrant. Through this he was Guaranteed to stay in Australia for lifetime with his family.

Australia’s authorities are reluctant to allow them permanent residence in fear of Australia’s ‘health management burden’. Australia’s health department says that, his family couldn’t meet the health criteria needed to settle in Australia. Department of Health did not allow his parents to live permanently in fear of Adiyan’s spending.

In the health care process whole family loses the ability to live in Australia due to Adiyan’s slight physical disability. Australia’s migrant policy ‘One Fails All Fail’ for which all family members are being expelled from the country.

Not only Bangladeshi couple but Sri Lankan Tamil refugee family also treated as same process two months ago. Nadesalingam and Priya fled to Australia during the civil war in Sri Lanka. They got married and They also have two daughters. There were intense protests across Australia over the expulsion them from the country. They were brought back again.

Australia has also followed the same policy with regard to refugees from war-torn Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan, said rights activists working on refugees in the country.

Analysts said that, Australia’s immigration and health policies are not civilized. If disabled, they will not be kept in the country this is an injustice to foreigners. The country’s immigration and health laws are brutal and do not carry the identity of a civilized country.

In all countries, the benefits of all children with disabilities are equal. The parents have no hand in having children with disabilities. Australia’s inhumanity towards people with disabilities is not desirable. Worldwide disabilities are being considered as a resource, not burden. Rights activists believe such abuses in a developed country like Australia, such inhumanity is undesirable.

If an Australian citizen, especially children, was treated in such a way by another country, the country would show protest strongly. The concerned people strongly urged Australian authorities to change the way they treat asylum seekers.

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