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Warfare of Australian immigrant parents for disable child

প্রকাশের সময়: নভেম্বর ৫, ২০১৯, ৭:২৩ অপরাহ্ণ

Dr. Mehdi Hasan Bhuiyan went to Australia with a student visa in 2011. Following year, he returned to home from Australia and got married in Bangladesh. He took his wife Rebecca Sultana to Australia in 2013. Their child Adiyan was born at Geelong Hospital in Australia.

After few months of Adian’s birth, his family went to know that he was unable to lift her head easily. He is probably infected with mild ‘cerebral palsy’ due to a stroke shortly before or after birth.

When Adiyan was five years old, his parents applied for permanent residence in Australia in the country’s immigration department. Their residency application has been rejected because of their child problem.

Bhuiyan family appealed against Australian authority’s decision. However, the appeal tribunal dismissed the petition.

In fear of ‘health management burden’ Australia’s authorities are reluctant to allow them permanent residence.

However, Adiyan Father Mehdi Hasan Bhuiyan Refused to accept the Appellate Tribunal argument. Adiyan’s family did not slow down here. They have appealed to the country’s immigration minister, David Coleman, as a last chance to stay in Australia.

Adiyan’s family is living in Australia on a special visa. They will have the opportunity to stay in the country for three more months until minister decision reached.

Australian child specialists said that, Adiyan’s disability is not a serious problem, continue light physiotherapy can be cured at one time.

Smiling, playful and curious Adiyan now can speak Bangla in fluently. He Can play and run also. He is reading in a kindergarten school in Australia.

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